Type of Organisation

The OCR is a community organisation formed in 1984 and is involved in:

  • Tenants rights
  • Homeless
  • Inner city redevelopment
  • Anti-crime & other community issues
  • Social facilitation

25 YEARS LATER, the OCR continues to work with the disadvantaged, the elderly, the poor and those suffering as a result of unjust socio-economic conditions and laws. The OCR:

  • Provides a nation-wide service to tenants.
  • Conducts workshops nation-wide to empower and educate tenants.
  • Runs internship programmes with students from tertiary institutions.
  • Provides placement for local and overseas post-graduate students
  • Conducts research on the homeless community, tenants & crime issues.
  • Help form flat & street committees.

Vision & Policy

The OCR as a community based NGO is committed to developing a better and just society by making a significant and distinctive contribution at regional, provincial and national levels through active grassroots involvement in improving

  1. the condition of tenants and the homeless community
  2. the safety, security and health of residents.

These commitments are expressed through various programme interventions, advice, research, legal and paralegal intervention and representation, lobbying for positive changes, capacity building, education and empowerment.