Attack on Pope unfair

Christians have apologised

Christmas, Eid strikingly similar

These colourful names are all part of our great heritage

The 'market' is a story of survival against the odds

The Britist pioneered apartheid

Tape hurt Islam, too

Tamils have given a lot to this country

Taliban's actions not a true reflection of Islam

South African's first and foremost

Singing minister's praises

Simjee is too judgmental

SA Muslims working for peace and justice

Reaching for the stars, and God

Racism accusation is mischievous

Only one race-the human race

No respect for Muslim meat laws

No action on monkey menace

NGK's out of step on religious freedom

NGK should rescind Islam resolution

Muslims must embrace all

Muslims have to take part

Muslim Spain helped defeat the Dark Ages

Men are not the 'chosen' ones

Many voices one humanity

Lack of housing a major problem

Human rights apply to everyone, everywhere

Haj article loaded with prejudiced phrases

Islamic economy could do a lot of good for SA

Islam say no to terrorism

IEC slams staff death threats

Islam recognises that all the world's great faiths share a common thread

Eviction judgment was misinterpreted

Compassionate and protective

Joining hands to smash a common enemy

Criticism of Meer is unwarranted