Introductory Booklet by Graham Paddock

Paddocks Press - Vol 2 Issue 5 Jun 2007

Paddocks Press - Vol 3 Issue 1

Paddocks Press Vol 2 Issue 7

Paddocks Press Edition 3

Right of owner to interview tenant

Code of Conduct for rented housing

Rights and wrongs of tenant/landlord relationship

Sectional title owners must work as a team

Ownership rights depend on co-operation

The role of a mediator in resolving tenancy disputes

Legal standing and composition of body corporate

Do the homework before committing yourself

Privacy laws in public interest

Sectional title and duties of bodies corporate

Rental survey and profile of buildings in Albert Park

Struggle to secure interests

State to blame for fewer flats to rent

Administrator holds out hope for dutiful owners

Intricacies of Sectional Title easily lead to misunderstanding

Dialogue is key to restoring dignity and rights

Discriminatory practices disturbing

Abuses blight community relationships

Discrimination against tenants with babies is against the law

Mandate to negotiate must be valid

Meeting strict Sectional Title rules

Rules for changing inner city building

Defaulters Could Lose Homes

Sectional Time-Bomb Ticking

Properties Up for Auction Over Unpaid Rates